Take solace in the knowledge that your livelihood will be managed from start to finish, day in day out for as long as youíre away by an experienced AHA endorsed publican. By the way, we donít use the word publican lightly. Publicans are the eyes and ears of the community and apart from the hard work and long hours, are called upon to perform many roles such as the head of security, cellarman, bartender, table waiter, cleaner, spokesperson, sponsor, marriage counsellor, banker, psychologist, comedian and entertainer (just to name a few...). We guarantee that weíll look after your business as if it was our own!

You can have peace of mind that your business is in the safe hands of a specialist AHA endorsed relief publican. The benefits of using Publicans On Tap are obvious:-

  • Our relief managers are all experienced business operators in the liquor industry.
  • Our service guarantees continuous working management at no extra cost.
  • You donít have to worry about PAYG tax, Superannuation, Workcover or Annual Leave. All our managers are self-employed. You only get charged one fee and thatís it.
  • No need to worry about protracted unfair dismissal hearings or other employee issues.
  • The flexibility to change managers if you wish.

Relief Management

Well you know the story; you're an owner/manager of a hotel, you've worked your bum to the bone for months (probably years) without a break. The problem is that you canít leave for five minutes without worrying yourself sick about the business. All those recurring negative thoughts come into your head.

  • Will I get ripped off?
  • Will my high standards of customer service be maintained?
  • Who can I trust with stock ordering and cash control?
  • If I take a holiday Iíll be playing catch up for months after I get back..

Unbiased Appraisals

Unfortunately publicans are not robots; we get tired. We get jaded and sometimes even the most obvious problems can go on for weeks and months unnoticed. These problems can be compounded by the fact that sometimes you find yourself surrounded by people who tell you what you want to hear, not what you need to hear.

Publicans On Tap can conduct a comprehensive unbiased appraisal of your business. A fresh set of eyes can rejuvenate your business and your bank account!

Your appraisal will review the following areas:-

  • The standard of customer service;
  • Your facilities, fixtures and fittings;
  • Cleanliness;
  • Repairs and maintenance;
  • Decor / atmosphere;
  • Plant and equipment;
  • Your competition;
  • The product range and margin analysis;
  • Opportunities for growth;
  • Advertising and marketing;
  • Administrative processes Ė separation of duties/fraud prevention;
  • What the locals think Ė Your reputation;

We will also conduct our own SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis on your business.

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Financial Management Reviews

We start with the three most fundamental questions:-

  • How much do I owe?
  • How much is owed to me?
  • How much cash is in the bank?

You donít need an accounting or financial background to understand financial statements and gain a better understanding of your business performance. We can provide you with the education and tools to enable you to evaluate your business anytime. If you havenít heard of the following terminology maybe itís time to give us a ring:-

  • Balance Sheet (assets = liabilities + equity);
  • Profit & loss statement;
  • Statement of cashflows;
  • Return on total assets;
  • Liquidity ratio or acid test;
  • Debt ratio;
  • Budgets (operating / cashflow / capital);
  • Capital expenditure & NPV Analysis;

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Statutory Compliance Reviews

Holding a Liquor Licence is no doubt the most important licence youíll ever have. There is literally hundreds of conditions imposed on the licensee, and sometimes itís hard to keep abreast of constantly changing liquor laws. For example, your venue has gaming machines. Are you familiar with the proposed changes recommended by the Productivity Commission? Do you know how they will impact your business?

Publicans On Tap can provide you with a comprehensive compliance review to give you peace of mind. This could be particularly important when thinking of selling or buying a hotel. You donít want to inherit a compliance nightmare and weíre sure you wouldnít want to pass on problems to your prospective buyers.


All of our relief managers hold as a minimum:-

  • Responsible Service of Alcohol Certificate (RSA);
  • Food Handlerís Licence;
  • Licenseeís First Step (LFS);
  • First Aid Certificate;

Relief managers required for venues providing Gaming Machines and/or TAB facilities will have a Gaming Licence, Responsible Service of Gaming accreditation (RSG) and TAB operator training.

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